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Monday, 22 July 2013

New Adult Read-A-Thon Mini Challenge

Join the NA readathon

Getting to Read New Adult Books for A WHOLE 7 DAYS!!! Sorry, let me peel myself from the ceiling for a moment...

Ok, I'm back and I've calmed down a little - the thought of reading New Adult for a week is just AWESOME! I love New Adult and I love Faye & Laura for coming up with this idea & Love them even more for letting me be part of it!

Faye at A Daydreamers Thoughts (
Laura at Bookish Treasures (

I'm hosting a Mini Challenge today (Tuesday 23rd July) called What Would You Do Differently?

What we would like you to do is take a Scene, Concept or Synopsis from one of your Favourite New Adult novels and explain what you would have done differently if you had written the book or were a character in the story.

For Example:

In Off Limits by Sawyer Bennett there is a scene at the beginning of the book where Emily knocks Nix off his Motorbike. If I had written it, I would have made it more dramatic by adding additional characters like an over dramatic, older woman acting rather scatty to bring out Nix's sarcastic side or a young guy, so laid back he is horizontal to bring out Emily's angry side.

To run alongside this, I have one copy of Love, Carry my Bags by C R Everett to giveaway (Thanks Ladies!!). To enter this, link your sign up posts via the linky on OR NOTE: You can only enter this if you are a NA Read-a-thon participant.

So get posting with your "What Would You Do Differently" scenes, concepts or sysnopsis and get discussing with your fellow readers!

BookLove <3

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1 comment:

  1. Fallen Too Far by Abbi Glines has a scene where the protagonist gets drunk for the first time. The guy insists she eats beforehand, I would have made her eat more than she did, or had her acting more drunk than she did.
    - please note; I liked Fallen to Far and think Abbi is a great writer, I am not judging her writing abilities at all!