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Monday, 9 September 2013

Review - Afterburn by Sylvia Day


Sylvia Day


**4 Sexual, Smouldering, Intense Stars**

"There you are," he said, with an unmistakeable note of triumph. "You almost had me fooled into thinking the Gia I knew was gone."
"Don't toy with me, Jax. It's beneath you."
"I want you beneath me."

Sylvia Day gave us:

Bared to You
Reflected in You
Entwined with You [My Review]

So even without reading the blurb, I would have given Afterburn a read and, as usual, Sylvia did not dissappoint!

Gianna is a determined girl from a Strong Italian family. She has the sensuality of a typical Italian temptress with the innocence of a young woman finding her way in the world. She has an inner confidence that shines through by the choices she makes in life making it a refreshing change to the quivering wrecks of women who frequent these types of novels.

Jax is a wealthy, simmeringly sexy Alpha Male who rocks the business world. He also happens to have rocked Gianna's world on occasion.

Infact, he rocked her world so bad, she fell head over heels for him.

"I fell for you the last time. I can't do it again."

This is a simmering novel filled with Sex, Steam, Lust, Passion and Addiction. Typical of Sylvia Day and that is why I love her works.

This book ends on a Complete Cliffhanger - book 2 (
Aftershock) is due out in November 2013.

Purchase Links:

Afterburn - Amazon
Aftershock - Amazon (Pre-Order)

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