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Friday, 4 October 2013

Review - Flat Out Matt

4.75 Funny, HeartWarming, Flat Out Stars

This is a companion Novella to Flat Out Love
Please read this first as it will make absolutely NO sense if you don't!

My Review of Flat Out Love can be found here:

STOP READING NOW If you have not read Flat Out Love!!
Although this does not contain Spoilers for FOM, it does contain spoilers for FOL. 

"They must have stopped the world. They just must have."

In this novella, we get:
2 prequel chapters to FOL (with Matt and Finn)
7 chapters from FOL 
1 Chapter in Julie's POV (from After FOL)

I fell in love with each and every one of the characters over again!

The novel itself is "bitty", in the sense that it doesn't follow a flow. It jumps about but as long as you have read Flat Out Love, you will understand it. 

I honestly do no know how to express how Happy I was to get back inside the life of these wonderful characters. As soon as I started reading, I realised how much I had missed them! 

Matt is hurting so much in the beginning of this, but he is hiding it and holding it together for Celeste and his Mum. We get to delve into the depths of his inner <i>Geek</i> - Amazing! 

Absolutely Loved this - Flat Out Loved It! 

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