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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Starting Over by L E Maguire

Title: Starting Over
Author: L.E Maguire

Release date: August 14th, 2013

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Tour: Irresistible Reads Book Tours

Book Description
Ella Martin was devastated by the events surrounding her divorce. Determined to start over, she relocates from New Jersey to Washington to be a photographer with her longtime friend, Renatta. Having been emotionally scarred by her ex-husband’s betrayal, Ella didn’t believe she would ever be able to trust another man again. Then she met Xavier Hart, a successful CEO of an investment firm. She soon discovers that she cannot resist the dangerously handsome Xavier. But her struggles with her intense jealousy and trust issues start to clash with his controlling tendencies. As their relationship develops, she discovers the reason for his controlling nature over her and his desperate need to keep her safe. When her ex-husband suddenly relocates to Washington, her past and present collide in a dangerous way.

Book Excerpt

As we headed back out to Fifth Avenue, my phone vibrated in my pocketbook. I dug it out only to find that it was Stephen calling yet again. Rolling my eyes at Renatta, I told her I needed to take the call.
"What, Stephen?” I hissed, walking several steps away from Renatta.
“Ella, thank you for taking my call,” he said politely.
“I have nothing to say to you. My feelings about what you have done have not changed and will not. Ever,” I said angrily.
“Ella, please if you could just hear me out,” he pleaded.
“No, Stephen. Stop calling me. You need to move on. Goodbye.”
“Ella, wait!” Stephen shouted, but I hung up not interested in hearing what else he had to say.
Not caring that I was standing in the middle of Fifth Avenue on a busy weekday, I closed my eyes and took several deep breaths. When I opened my eyes, I was staring into the beautiful blue eyes of Xavier Hart. I jumped back letting out a yelp. A slow smile spread across his face.
“We meet again, Ms. Martin,” he purred.
I stopped breathing. I am once again a deer in headlights.
“Nice to see you again, Mr. Hart,” Renatta said.
I started at the sound of Renatta’s voice. How the hell did she get over to me so quickly?
“Ms. Stevenson.” Xavier nodded his head in her direction, but his eyes never left mine.
“What are you doing here?” I asked. My tone came out much harsher than I intended.
“I just finished having lunch at Rock Bottom with my brother, Gabriel,” he said, sounding slightly affronted. “I came out of the restaurant, and was surprised to see you standing here. I thought I would be friendly and say hello,” he said, smiling as his tone softened.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to….” my voice trailing off. “I, um, should thank you, of course, for the beautiful roses,” I said nervously. Renatta placed her hand on my arm to stop me from shuffling from foot to foot. Why did he make me feel so nervous? Was it the suit? He did look simply delicious in a grey suit, black dress shirt, and grey tie.
“It was my pleasure, Ms. Martin,” he said smiling. “I’ll leave you ladies to enjoy the rest of your afternoon. But first, may I have a moment, Ms. Martin?”
I gave a quick, panicked glance at Renatta. Her eyes widened as she shook her head urging me to go with him. Turning back to Xavier, I smiled. "Um, sure. Please, call me Ella,” I said. What the hell did he want that he couldn’t say in front of Renatta?
He took my elbow and led me a few feet away from her. Once again, a warm sensation spread through me when his hand wrapped around my arm causing me to gasp. That strange electric energy I felt on the plane pulsed between us. I saw a small smile play on his lips, which made me frown. Did he feel this strange electricity between us too?
“Ella, I’m normally not this straightforward, but there is something about you. I can’t stop thinking about you since I sat next to you on that plane,” he said. “I think it’s fate or destiny, perhaps that keeps bringing us together.” He paused for a moment. Letting out a humourless laugh, he smirked. “I know that sounds like a line, but there is something between us, and I know you feel it too. Please, have dinner with me so we can get to know one another.” His gaze was giving nothing away. “I have a function that I need to attend tomorrow evening, but I would love to see you Sunday,” he said, sounding hopeful as he smiled.
Yes, he was feeling it too. I couldn’t lie to myself any longer. The truth was I couldn’t stop thinking about him either. Hell, I was even dreaming about him.

About the Author
I am a romance novel junkie who has many book boyfriends, and it all started with a little book by the name of Twilight. I went from being someone who hardly ever read to someone who is always buried in a book. For years friends told me I should write a book. Well, I’ve finally listened to them. After taking writing classes through my local community college, I put fingers to keyboard and got busy! And that is how my first novel, Starting Over was born.

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