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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Clash - Nicole Williams

4 Continuingly Frustrating Stars

Clash (Crash, #2)

**This is the Second in a series and cannot be read as a stand alone - stop reading now if you have not read


“Love isn’t only love, sweetheart. It’s hard work, and trust, and tears, with even a few glimpses of devastation. But at the end of each day, if you can still look at the person at your side and can’t imagine anyone else you’d rather have there, the pain and heartache and the ups and downs of love are worth it.”

My review for Crash can be found here: HERE

Lucy and Jude's story continues in this sweet & sour tale.

Lucy and Jude are together - she is studying dance and Jude is playing college football... 5 hours apart.
“He made me happy. He made me crazy. He made me thank the heavens for the day I'd met him. He made me curse the same heavens for the day I'd met him.”

It is no secret that these two are head over heels for each other, it is dripping of the pages.


Lucy is a young girl with security issues.
Jude is a young man with trust and anger issues.

Together they are capeable of creating fireworks - good and bad!
“How do you feel?” I asked, trying to bring my heart rate down. It wasn’t having any of it.
“How’s your head?”
“My head’s fine,” he said, winding his arms around my back. “It’s my goddamn heart that’s about ready to bust something.”

The amount of times Lucy so seriously misunderstands or misreads a situation got more infuriating in this novel than in Crash. I, at times, wanted to slap some sense into her - stop - then start slapping again to make sure she got the message.
“Don't stay because you wnat to. Stay because I want you to.”

All in all, I enjoyed this story and went on to Crush within hours.


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