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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Off Chance - Sawyer Bennett

4.5 Burning Stars
I feel like a fcuking caveman that brought home the biggest rump of dinosaur roast

This is part of the "Off" Series but can be read as a standalone

Sawyer Bennett does it again!

Flynn Caldwell is a Fireman, a badass, sexual fireman who - unlike some other alpha males - is so very caring and doesn't give a toss who know it.

Rowan Page (& her dog Capone) have just been rescued from a house fire - by none other than Flynn Caldwell himself.

Rowan has gone through a lot in her young life - kidnap, abuse, torture and all manner of other unmentionables - but she is determined to make it on her own. Not to rely on others. So Flynn makes it is job to convince her otherwise.

This book is filled with Love, Laughter, Heartache and Heartwarming moments with very serious underlying issues.

It is the perfect ending (?) to the Off Series and the Epilogue is stunning:
Hmmmm... let's see... a Congressman, two NHL players, and an Irish Rock star. Yeah, nothing unusual about this day

An absolute must read!!

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