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Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Incase you are wondering - Harrumph is the technical term for "I'm Ill and feeling sorry for myself".

I have a cold...Like PROPER MAN FLU (Even though I'm female!). I'm currently doped up on Lemsip, Oraldine, Bonjela, Peppermint Tea & Sympathy.
This has put a dent in my reading time as when I'm at work I can't read and when I'm at home, I'm asleep trying to get better.
Couldn't have come at a worse time because ENTWINED WITH YOU came out yesterday and I've not even started it yet... blub!
So here is how things are going to go the rest of this week.
Today: Feel sorry for myself some more, read a little bit of When Summer Ends
Tomorrow: Man up! Get some exercise done and finish When Summer Ends
Friday: Start (& Finish) Entwined With You
The thought of Friday is making me feel like this...
That is my moan done - sympathy welcome haha!


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