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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Losing Hope Teaser

Colleen Hoover is AWESOME.
I mean she is absolutely Incredible. She writes beautiful stories, breaks your heart, heals it and turns it to mush in between.
First she gave us the Slammed Series

Which is so addictive and so stunningly written, it's up there with my favourite books ever.
Then she graced us with the presence of Hopeless

I'm not going to go into how much I love this book - you can read my review here because if I start gushing...I won't stop.
So now we are waiting on Losing Hope

Which is not due out until the 9th July.
1 Month & 4 Days.
33 Days.
A lifetime to us avid readers.
So imagine my excitement today when this little beauty popped up in Goodreads/Twitter/Facebook...

I went a little like this...which in a office full of professional H&S people, seemed rather odd to most.


So Click, Read and Enjoy people!!


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