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Monday, 9 September 2013

Review - Present Perfect by Alison G Bailey

Present Perfect

Present Perfect (Perfect, #1)
Alison G Bailey

4 Frustratingly Good Stars


“The unpredictability of life sucks. One minute you’re riding high with the wind whipping through your hair and the next minute you’re flat on your ass with a face full of gravel.”

From all the reviews I read of this and the amount of people that reccommended it to me I wanted to ADORE this. Now don't get me wrong - I liked it, but the frustration I felt towards Amanda stopped me loving it.

This book is about Amanda and Noah. Amanda is from a normal family (if such a thing exists any more)- she has a Mum, Dad and a Perfect older sister.

Noah is the same, normal. Normal house, normal family, normal life. He is sweet, loving, handsome and absolutely adores Amanda.

I'm not going into anymore detail of the book, it is better to go in eyes open with minimal information. Keep an open heart too, because you will need it to fall for our Lovely Noah.

The overriding theme of this book to me was FRUSTRATION at Amanda and her lack of self belief. She just squandered chance (after chance, after chance, after chance!) with Noah. Perhaps if she had taken her own advice earlier, things would have been different...

“We’re led to believe love is complicated. It’s not the love that’s complicated. It’s all the crap that we attach to it and put in front of it that makes it difficult. If you’re smart, you’ll realize this before it’s too late and simplify.”

Although a good New Adult book, the first 70% to me seemed quite Young Adult. If I had known this in the beginning I would maybe have been more forgiving of the maturity level I felt.

I wanted to give this 3.5 stars but I felt the writing warranted at least 4.5 so I levelled off at 4.

Will read some more Alison G Bailey works in the future though :)

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