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Monday, 9 September 2013

Review - Wounded by Jasinda Wilder


Jasinda Wilder

5 Outstanding, Stunning, Heartbreaking Stars

"I feel like everyone who sees me knows what I am. As if it is written on my forehead in bold black ink. Perhaps it is written on my soul, now, and they can see it in my eyes, those windows to my soul"

Wounded is not my kind of book. I hate books about War - for selfish reasons really. I hate knowing that somewhere in this world, people are giving their lives for our country and people living in the crossfire of War. I'd rather not think about it - sorry, but I'm being honest.

I gave this book a go for one reason - I couldn't decide what to read and in a moment of "YOU HAVE A MILLION BOOKS ON YOUR KINDLE, JUST PICK ONE" (being shouted at me from my exasperated partner)- I picked Wounded.

I am SO Glad I did!!

Rania is not living a life - she is surviving. She has lost her parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles and finally her Brother - all because of War. She is going from day to day, not knowing where her next meal will come from when she stumbles upon someone who will help her - Unfortunately this comes with concequences.

“I am not a woman, I am a thing. An object, a servant for their needs. Sex is a tool.”

Hunter is an American Soldier - he only knows how to be a soldier so he gives it his everything. His complete and utter devotion.

“I'm in battle mode. Shut down. Hard. I'm not Hunter anymore. I'm Lance Corporal Lee, USMC. Semper Fi, bitches.”

Then he meets Rania.

“Her beauty has captured me, imprisoned my capacity for language. All I can do is pay homage to the temple of her body.”

I'm going no further with this story - it is such a stunningly written novel that I feel it is best to go in with your eyes, and your heart, well and truly open.

Give this a try, even if it's not your usual kind of book. I promise you will not be dissappointed.

Jasinda Wilder - You did it again!

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