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Monday, 28 October 2013

The New Ever After - Julie Farley


The New Ever After


Julie Farley

Release date: August 14th, 2013

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Book Description
After becoming a widow with three small children, Heather Meadows is starting a new life. She has a sexy new husband, newborn twins, and a blossoming career as a writer. But with the advent of summer comes an avalanche of worries about doing it all and being enough. In her quirky style that drew readers to Tripped Up Love, Heather works through her new challenges and surprises with the fortitude she found she had when her first husband died. Only this time, her strength is put to the ultimate test as she faces losing not only her best friend but her new happily ever after as well.



This is a continuation from Tripped Up Love (Click here to read my review).

For those who have not read Tripped Up Love - STOP READING NOW. The New Ever After is not a stand-alone novel and follows Tripped Up Love directly.


Heather was a happily married mother of three who lived the perfect suburban life. Then her perfect husband has a heart attack and dies. Her world is thrown into complete dissaray and she struggles to cope. In comes Peter. A 40 something, unattached, baggage free, world famous author and he helps Heather heal. They fall madly in love and less than two years after Hank's death, she and Peter are married with 6 month old twins.


We slip back into Heahter & Peters world immediately. Their world is utterly chaotic - PTA meetings, school runs, bake sales, school trips, birthday parties, doctors appointments and everything else that comes with having 5 kids between the ages of 0 and 13.

Heather is suffering from stress - this much is obvious in the first few pages and Peter just wants to help her. He books 2 trips - One for just the two of them, and a family one.

Jenny, Heather's best friend, is still a constant in all of their lives. She is an employee as well as a friend to Heather. Jenny is always on hand to help when needed and she is more than willing to assist the grandparents in looking after the twins until Heather and Peter are back from their delayed Honeymoon.

Throw in some secrets, a dramatic (and I'm talking HEART STOPPING stuff) event, some touching moments and you have a recipie for a heartwarming Novel. We also get a little sneaky hint as to what is to come in Book 3 and it sounds goooooooooooood!!


  1. Where did the Idea for Tripped Up Love 1,2 (&3) come from?

I wanted to write a romance novel for people my age, my peers. I love romance novels but thought it would be nice to read a second chance at love story. So I wrote one!

  1. Who is your favourite character in the books?

People think I am just like Heather. My friends say I am Heather! But I’m not. We are kind of different but we do have a lot of similarities. I have four kids and am happily married not a widow. I think people here my voice in Heather. I guess I identify with her the most. Peter is definitely my favorite though because I imagine him to be just like my crush, Adam Levine.

  1. Where do the places in your book come from? Have you visited them before?

I live in the area that I talk about, the 2-3-1-1-3. The places in the book are real places that I frequent. I have been to Maine but the places I mention in Maine are made up. All of the Virginia references are real!

  1. Do you see any of the characters ever having a spin off?

Book three is going to be about Jenny. There will still be some about Heather and Peter but the main part of the story will revolve around Jenny and her life.

  1. Where did the names of your characters come from?

This may sound weird but when I’m writing, names just come to me with the characters. My writing partner’s name is Jenni and her good friend is Heather so it was awkward that I used those names. I did try to change them but those were the only names that seemed right.

  1. When is Tripped Up Love 3 coming out???
Book three will be out in early 2014. There is a slight possibility it could be out before Christmas but I don’t want to rush it.

About the Author

Julie Farley was born and raised on Long Island. Even though she now lives in Virginia, a piece of her heart still lives in New York. And there's one in Chicago and South Bend, IN home of her alma mater Notre Dame. When Julie's not writing she's teaching preschool or taking care of her own four children. Julie grew up with her nose in a book and her love of books turned into a love of writing as well. Julie published her first book, Tripped Up Love, in May of 2013. The sequel, The New Ever After, will be released in July of 2013.


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